Upcoming Events:

October 2, 2017 Intuitive Decision Making

Previous Salons:

May 18, 2017 Pop Up Salon @The New York Public Library

April 28, 2017 Pop Up Salon @ SIEDC's Women's Symposium

April 3, 2017 Getting What You Want

March 6, 2017 Intuitive Decision Making

Feb. 6, 2017 Master the Power of Feminine Leadership

Jan. 9, 2017  How to Be Your Own Superhero in 2017

Nov 7, 2016 Cover Your A**: The Missing Link to Getting What You Want

Oct  3, 2016 Good Vibrations: Change Your Energy, Change Your Life!

Aug 1, 2016 Getting What You Want: It's Easy Once You Know the Rules of the Game

June 6, 2016  Mastering Confrontation: How to Confront Anyone About Anything, Anytime

May 2, 2016   Setting Healthy Boundaries: Is Your Flexibility Killing Your Dream?

April 4,  2016   Feminine Leadership: A Discussion and Definition

Cofounder Confidential

Come to the only workshop specifically for cofounders where, in a confidential environment, you’ll learn how to reignite your original spark and how to get what you want together. Register to be the first to know when this launches.

Welcome to a new kind of gathering: 
The Intuition Salon

Ladies, join us on the first Monday of each month as we explore such topics as: accessing your intuition in business, setting healthy boundaries, confronting and clearing with anyone and more!

What is a Salon?

The Salon was an Italian invention of the 16th century which flourished in France throughout the 17th century as an informal university for women to exchange ideas. 

Salons served a very important function as they allowed young attendees to connect with more established women and pursue a form of higher education.

Why intuition?

Plato describes intuition as a pre-existing knowledge residing in the "soul of eternity," and a phenomenon by which one becomes conscious of pre-existing knowledge.

I believe there is valuable information that is not taught, that one must seek out in order to change and grow in today's world.