Growth Strategist, Karin Bellantoni

I am a change agent's agent, the enemy of the status quo. I help clients navigate their way out of stuck places and realize their career dreams, whether they are executives or entrepreneurs.  Being a blend of East and West coast, experienced as a business owner and as corporate management, means I have sat in the same positions as my clients. This enables me to offer clients clarity and resources, perspective and solutions.  I provide the one on one collaboration and execution they need to get where they are going.

I love working with fast trackers. We are never bored or boring. We realize impatience is a wonderful instigator of creativity.  Fresh thinking.  Shortcuts. Game changing. 

I’ve always had the ability to analyze challenges from a macro level and deploy innovative tactics on a
micro level.  

I see opportunities where others see symptoms and problems. I solve business problems by building creative programs, products and services that create a unique competitive edge. My creative thinking has helped me build, turnaround and grow multi-million dollar companies.

My job is to help you win.

What is your agenda?

I’m all ears.

All images used courtesy Brinson Banks.


R/GA, Tiffany & Co., Bombay Sapphire, Vitamin Water, Hennessy, Google, Panera, Enterprise, SBE, Sanofi, PhotoShelter, The New Yorker, TIME Magazine, New York Times Magazine, Fortune, Sports Illustrated, NPR, Complex, Fortune Magazine, New York Magazine, XXL Magazine, GQ, ESPN The Magazine, The FADER, Stern, Mother Jones, Newsweek, Le Monde, AARP, US News & World Report, Bloomberg Businessweek, Forbes Magazine, and Golf Digest among others.