The Price of Your Perfectionism

The Price of Your Perfectionism - Part 1

In the latest episodes of my podcast, Crazy Busy, I dive into the true price of your perfectionism. Perfectionism sometimes sounds like something we want, but perfectionism isn’t just wanting to do well, it’s being afraid that you won’t be safe or loved if you aren’t perfect.

Listen in to part one of the podcast to hear my stories on how perfectionism wore me out and even alienated my friends.

In the episode, I share the five types of perfectionists, which I capture below. See which type you identify with most and then do the journaling exercise I share in the show.

Types of Perfectionists:

  1. Self-Oriented Perfectionism: excessively high expectations of self.

  2. Other-oriented perfectionism: excessively high expectations of others.

  3. Socially prescribed perfectionism: excessively high social expectations. Think FOMO.

  4. Excellence-seeking perfectionism: tendencies to fixate on and demand excessively high standards. (always needing to have or be “the best”.

  5. Failure-avoiding perfectionism: an obsessive concern with and aversion to failing. Not trying because you’re afraid you’ll fail.

The Price of Your Perfectionism - Part 2

Download the pdf: The Perfectionist’s Fast Track.

This pdf shows you what the usual journey of a perfectionist is (procrastination and feeling paralyzed, anyone?) and then shows you Karin’s tool called “The Perfectionist’s Fast Track.” When you follow the fast track journey, you get out of perfectionism and into focused confidence!

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