Business Consulting

Grow faster. Limit risk. Be happy.

You want to hear the truth yet most consultants will leave you with a powerpoint deck and a prayer. 

The Change Agents I work with know they have an upside that is not being realized. 
They are stuck. Maybe their startup hit a wall, their 25-year-old company needs a reinvention, or their sales team is not making their numbers - even though everyone is working really hard.

If you’re trying to break out of a business rut, you know you’ve tried everything that you know how to do. The objectivity and viewpoint you receive from our business consulting programs give you and your team actionable steps to get unstuck quickly.
Company Growth Partner
Listening Report
Sales Bootcamp

I. Company Growth Partner

Your company stock is in your people.

What are you doing to invest in yourself and your teams?

Like water, I go where I’m needed. I help companies grow their bottom lines by working with top line management and the teams that support them. I nurture and develop your company to its highest potential, by developing talent via personal and professional growth. Together we create a stronger culture, stronger employees and client retention improves.

Becoming a partner client starts with 90-day engagement. Through listening, coaching, strategy sessions, role plays and monthly salons, we will invest in the mindsets, skillsets and the breakthroughs your company needs to grow.

Download our questionnaire and set up a complimentary 30 minute call to see if becoming a partner client could power your company’s breakthrough.

II. Listening Report

Who doesn’t want to know what their clients, partners, employees and other stakeholders think? 

If you want to grow your business, it makes sense to listen before you act. We listen for you. The Listening Report illuminates powerful insights and business intelligence that result in actionable strategies for an immediate surge in employee morale, sales, referrals and client win-backs.

Learn more by downloading our free e-book:

III. Sales Bootcamp

Are you entertaining your prospects or closing them?

The whole sales process can bring up the worst feelings of dread, even for the sharpest leaders. Ego and pride-driven procrastination can keep you one call away from closing that deal. Every prospect that is lost is a burned bridge and a chip at your confidence.

The Sales Bootcamp gives you the tools to create powerful results. We empower you and your team to enjoy the sales process, and:

  • Uncover your own natural style of sales that fits your persona, soaring your confidence.
  • Craft a strong messaging that gets the attention of your perfect client.
  • Reveal the identity of your ideal buyer and ideal referral sources.
  • Develop your intuition to know where to spend vs. not waste your time.

The secret to closing business is about you uncovering your own natural style of building relationships. When you are fed up with awkward presentations and feeling like you are on a treadmill going nowhere, it's time to get help.