Upcoming Events:

June 4, 2019 The Intuition Salon - GRACE @The Assemblage John Street.

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Grace in the Face of Conflict

From the bus to the boardroom, whether big or small, conflict will find it's way into your day-to-day.

The question is, how are you handling it?

You are invited to be my guest for the next Intuition Salon. Tuesday, June 4th at The Assemblage John Street.

When tensions are high and the world around you grows chaotic, how do you cope? Are you choosing Grace?

- Or fear, resistance, and judgment?

Grace is refined action. Purposeful intention. The tool with which relationships are manifested and mended. 

It is the essence of trust and essential to invoke if you want to move through your personal and professional lives with ease, love and true power. 

In this 90 minute presentation, you'll learn how to access the grace within you so you never have to stay stuck in fear again.

Register here and use the code GRACE04

Welcome to a new kind of gathering: 
The Intuition Salon

The Intuition Salon has a new home. The Assemblage at 17 John Street.

What is a Salon?

The Salon was an Italian invention of the 16th century which flourished in France throughout the 17th century as an informal university for women to exchange ideas. 

Salons served a very important function as they allowed young attendees to connect with more established women and pursue a form of higher education.

Why intuition?

Plato describes intuition as a pre-existing knowledge residing in the "soul of eternity," and a phenomenon by which one becomes conscious of pre-existing knowledge.

I believe there is valuable information that is not taught, that one must seek out in order to change and grow in today's world. Come join us for topics like Setting Heathy Boundaries, Confront with Confidence, The Four Faces or Fear and much more.