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“Crazy Busy”
Office Nirvana
Feminine Leadership
Setting Healthy Boundaries
Confront With Confidence and a Smile!
Getting What You Want — In Life and Business
Good Vibrations: Change your Energy, Change Your Life!
Cover Your A** 
How to Be Your Own Superhero
Intuitive Decision Making




Looking for 9 ways to grow your business, starting today?

You have done the things you know how to do, now you are out of new things to try. The plethora of information, webinars and e-books out there only make things more confusing.

Being STUCK is serious. It means you and your business are not growing. If you are not growing, it is time to get help.

If your audience needs to reinvent, refresh, redesign and revive their businesses, this talk is for them. It is designed to re-energize your audience with 9 proven, specific and actionable methods to get your business rolling again.

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"Crazy Busy"

Stop the craziness and find more hours each week to grow your business.

In the last 10 years we have added more communication tools, systems and tactics than in the previous 50 years.  If you feel crazy busy and see no way out or if you simply want to reboot or refresh your business, finding time is the first step.

You will learn proven shortcuts, systems and applications that can find extra hours each day!

Invest in your audience with this lively and fun conversation about the myth of crazy busy. Learn how to use modern systems as well as the age-old techniques used by the most successful entrepreneurs and professionals- including uncovering the single most destructive behavior in business.

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"Stumbling into Karin's Intuition Salon was a rare find and I'm so grateful I did. I immediately felt her extraordinary energy and expertise; she almost reminded me of a female, toned down version of Tony Robbins. We spit out the "problems" we are facing and instinctively (or intuitively) Karin could address our blocks and challenges, which she communicated to us with class and sass."

Office Nirvana

How to target, hire and retain ideal employees.

Do you live in fear that you will lose your top employees? Do you have nightmares about employee misfits and communication stress?

Your employees are your company’s most valuable stock. If you don’t start off with the right process you will never align your goals, values and mission with that of your target hires. 

In a growing business hiring and retaining ideal employees is a top problem. In this workshop we uncover the profile of each participant's ideal employee. We align company values, mission and vision with a new hiring and retention model. Participants leave with a plan and the courage to upgrade their teams.

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Feminine Leadership

Do you want more confidence about your leadership style?

Feminine leadership is not just for women. Many men, including Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, have deployed traits of feminine leadership. It’s time for everyone to embrace these traits and lead us to a more connected future.

Feminine Leadership gives leaders a natural and well-rounded leadership style. In the changing times we are in, it will be will be critical to learn how to utilize our intuition, empathy, honesty and caring nature to lead authentically.

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"I really enjoy connecting with Karin and her approach to growth and overcoming obstacles."


Setting Healthy Boundaries

Is Your Flexibility Killing Your Dreams?

Communicating your boundaries is an important and essential communication skill. Boundaries are different from rules and they are not a punishment to others.  In fact, they can be the glue that bonds respect and understanding, in relationships of all types.

Participants will learn what boundary is and is not - plus when and how to communicate your boundaries to others. Team communication thrives on transparency and openness. Most people just need to know the how and what, to say.

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"Well worth attending, as there was much food-for-thought!"


Confront With Confidence and a Smile!

Being an effective communicator means you must have a proactive approach during times when you would just rather run. Learn subtle confrontation techniques like suggesting, challenging or contesting. Experience how confrontation can actually increase intimacy and openness in relationships. In this talk you will learn the difference between these four approaches and how you can master them to build your leadership skills.

Learn to take a stand for yourself and others with diplomacy and tact and prepare for these conversations with confidence!.

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"Karin's Salon is warm and snuggly for your soul. It's two hours to take care of yourself and can produce some major breakthroughs."


Getting What You Want — In Life and Business

Have you ever noticed that some people seem to get what they want very easily, while others struggle and suffer?

Being crazy busy is not the answer.

Getting what you want in life and business is easy once you understand the rules of the game. Intuition and energy play big roles in building a life and business you desire. Learn how to be more purposeful and accomplished.

#Leadership  #Teams  #Entrepreneurs  #Intrapreneurs  #Mindset  #WomensLeadership #Inspirational

Good Vibrations: Change your Energy, Change Your Life!

We use emotion to communicate. That’s a good thing and a bad thing, depending.

Our emotional frequencies are impacted by: other people, traffic, music, the moon, and nature. You can’t sell an idea or anything to anyone without emotion! Emotion drives your energy and therefore your vibes. 

When you have good vibrations you meet others that have good vibrations and it feels good. Others can read your vibes through the phone, skype and especially in person at meetings.

If you don’t like your outcome, look at your energy! This interactive workshop will teach you how to change and lift your energy, which immediately impacts you getting what you want.

#Leadership  #Teams  #Entrepreneurs  #Inspirational  #Mindset  #WomensLeadership.

"I look forward to more Salons. The topics discussed are SO valuable to the upcoming generation of 9-5ers, creatives, entrepreneurs or anyone who wants to improve their lives in small or big ways."

Cover Your A** 

Would you go on a road trip without making sure your gas tank is full, the oil is changed, you have directions and have packed all the supplies you need? Most of us wouldn't, and yet we start the workday without proper preparation almost every day. 

Stop procrastinating and learn why you do that anyway!

Protect the most important part of your character: your word. Gain insurance against fear, worry and doubt which wreak havoc on your productivity.

In this workshop you will learn how the actions you are not taking, are sabotaging getting what you want.

#Leadership  #Teams  #Entrepreneurs  #Intrapreneurs  #Mindset  #WomensLeadership

How to Be Your Own Superhero

Do you have the mindset you need to drive change in your life and business?

It starts with; know thyself.

Get laser clear about how you show up and what your personal kryptonite is. Possess the qualities, traits and characteristics you will in order to become your own superhero, a leader in your own life, as well as those of others.

This talk will set you and your team up, to be unstoppable!

#Leadership  #Teams  #Entrepreneurs #Inspirational #Mindset


Intuitive Decision Making

Is your business impacted by slow and no decision making?

Change and growth happen via a series of decisions. The world of data overload has us sitting in our left brains. This increases the filter from which through you view decision making. As this filter gets thicker your intuition gets completely blocked.

How is all this impacting your business?

You need your intuition to recruit, hire, pitch, raise and close sales!

This workshop will have you making better and faster decisions that will drive your personal and professional growth.

#Leadership #Teams #Entrepreneurs #WomensLeadership #Mindset

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